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Canvasworks is your premier canvas and metalwork one-stop shop in Minnesota serving the greater Twin Cities area and beyond. Quality craftsmanship is our forte and we specialize in custom projects. Whether it be an awning, boat canvas, SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures, upholstery, dog training products, hunting blinds, or industrial projects we can do it! ​​
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​Congratulations on the purchase of your SnoCap Trailer Enclosure! Below you find cleaning instructions and tips that will keep your SnoCap operating at its peak condition. If you have an older, stitched SnoCap or one on which graphics have been applied and have lost the care instructions please contact us for the Care & Tips Sheet specific to their material. 


1. After use go to the nearest self-service car wash. 
2. Using the soap function, wash the entire SnoCap. Don't forget to wash the zipper, the velcro, and           under any flaps. 
3. Next use the foam brush to scrub your SnoCap. Do not be afraid to scrub vigorously, you will not     damage the SnoCap.
4. Rinse thoroughly, including under the zipper, the velcro, and all flaps. 
5. Now you can use the hot wax function to apply a layer of wax to the SnoCap. This will enhance the     appearance and aid in future clean ups. 
6. After washing your SnoCap use a silicone lubricant spray to lubricate the zipper from the inside of the     SnoCap. This will allow the zipper to move smoothly.
7. At this point you can apply Tire Black to help maintain the appearance of your SnoCap if you so     choose. This step does not need to be done every time you clean your SnoCap and is not strictly     necessary. 


1. While your SnoCap is made to be stored outside and last many years, try to avoid storing your     SnoCap under trees. They drop sap and debris that will age your skin faster. 
2. If your SnoCap is damaged do NOT attempt to repair it without contacting Canvasworks. Oftentimes     the SnoCap is still road safe and will be able to get home without further damage. Unapproved repairs     can void the warranty and increase the repair cost. Please see your warranty documentation for more     information. 
3. Check out our YouTube Channel for videos on the proper operation of your SnoCap.
4. If you choose to remove the SnoCap from the trailer for the summer be sure to store in properly. 
    Damages caused by improper storage are not covered by warranty.
        a. Do not leave the skin rolled up on the ground, mice will use it as a nest. Instead fold or roll it up,             then suspend it from your rafters with a rope. 
        b. If you leave the SnoCap in one piece and use it as a summer storage shed, make absolutely it is             staked down very well. 
5. Please contact Canvasworks if you have any questions or concerns regarding your SnoCap. We are     always more than happy to help.
This video features tips and tricks for the operation of your ProSeries SnoCaps nose. 
This video features tips and tricks for operating the rear door of your SnoCaps Trailer Enclosure.
Thank you and happy hauling!