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Canvasworks is your premier canvas and metalwork one-stop shop in Minnesota serving the greater Twin Cities area and beyond. Quality craftsmanship is our forte and we specialize in custom projects. Whether it be an awning, boat canvas, SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures, upholstery, dog training products, hunting blinds, or industrial projects we can do it! ​​
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We've been building SnoCaps Trailer Enclosures since 1993 and in that time we've made many happy customers! You'll find some of those reviews on this page as well as on our Facebook page. If you have any questions, just give us a call. We are always happy to help!
One of our long time SnoCap customers was kind enough to give us a review today. He's owned his SnoCap for 10 years now and it's in great shape!
Tim has essentially owned this SnoCap for 22 years, he friend's father bought it to protect the boys' new snowmobiles in 1994. Several years later Tim bought it from him and has been using it ever since. The skin finally blew out this winter on a trip home, so he brought it to us. He ended up purchasing a brand new 2065 ProSeries SnoCap that he'll probably use for another 22 years!
"We purchased our SnoCap to enclose our 4-place snowmobile trailer. Every step of the way, our experience has been a positive one. The customer service when we were making our purchase was happy to answer any and all of our questions, as well as when we were assembeling and needed some pointers. The quality of the product is outstanding. We highly suggest these enclosures to our snowmobiling friends, and this will certainly not be our last time doing business with SnoCap.
Thank you for everything,
Heather and Dan L."     - SnoCap purchased Apr. 2015
"We just purchased our second SnoCap trailer enclosure to cover our second trailer and want to say that this is a great product. Our family regularly travels from Iowa to South Dakota to snowmobile and having both of our trailers (22' and a 24') covered by SnoCaps makes the trip much smoother. Not only does the SnoCap haul well, it also does a great job of protecting our snowmobiles."  Warren G 
"I have a feather lite two car trailer and an open older aluminum trailer. I race and tour a number of 105-117 year old automobiles and need a protected trailer for transport. I was investigating possibilities a couple months ago for a bubble or something for my open trailer and then ran upon the SnoCaps solutions to covering of trailers. I sorta liked what I saw, but I live in a "Pizza oven" (Phoenix) and a black cover would certainly not work for me. Pizzas are delivered in white boxes, you know. Well then I found it, a picture of a WHITE SNOCAPS!!! The next morning , very early before the tape measure expanded too much because of the heat expansion, I measured for the topper, and sent my order in. I found a old car event close and I planned the 1500 mile trip for my SnoCap. The Cap was ready when I arrived and took exactly the time estimated for installation. I now have driven an hour with it and it is tight and perfect.

The only issue I am having with it is ,a large tree bullfrog has found the top of my trailer very entertaining and has been jumping on the top ever since sunset. 

Thanks Canvasworks , I know this product is right for me!!!" 
Alan Travis
Rod reviews his new SnoCap
This customer purchased one of our ship kits and dismantles and reassembles every year!
"I replaced my 12 year old cover with a new one just last week. I thought about a re-stitch, or getting aluminum locally, but after pricing and doing the numbers on added weight, I opted for a newer skin. I have to tell you it couldn't have been easier. I ordered it Thursday and by Friday morning I hardly had time to get my old one off before my new one was at my door. Talk about "Top notch service" and communication. For the price this was the way to go for me. I'm sure I'll get 12+ more years out of this quality cover as well. Thanks SnoCaps!" - Robert
For the 200 miles we drove it, it tracked straight and true. Materials, workmanship, and design work excellent so far for the application. Loading and unloading of the aircraft requires minimal effort and we anticipate a positive experience in upcoming travels. - Owner of the Airplane Trailer SnoCap